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Receiving Dentures Near You

Over the years, dentures have garnered a reputation for being a dental treatment for geriatric patients. Despite public perception, dentures are not exclusive to a single population. People can experience teeth loss for multiple reasons including sports injuries or other illnesses.

Don’t hesitate to contact our local dental clinic if you have questions or concerns about receiving dentures. Our dentists are here to guide you through the process from start to finish.

What are Dentures?

A denture is a removable appliance that’s used to remedy issues when you’re missing teeth. They’re designed to fit the dimensions of your mouth, so they won’t slip out of place when you’re eating, drinking, brushing, or talking.

There are two different types of dentures you can receive, and here at our Bonnyville dental clinic, both are available to you.

Complete dentures are also known as full dentures and, as their name suggests, they are made to cover both your top and bottom row of teeth. These are also removable.

Partial dentures are also removable, but only fill a few spaces in your mouth. These are a good option when you still have a few natural teeth remaining. These types of dentures may require a dental bridge to stay in place.

Always be sure to talk to a dentist near you before booking any dental procedure. They’ll be able to identify the best form of denture treatment for your specific case.

Dr. Peter Servinis
Dr. Peter Servinis

The Process of Receiving Dentures in Bonnyville

Typically, receiving dentures requires two separate visits. When you come in, your dentist will examine your teeth, and they may take x-rays as well. This is so they can develop an in-depth picture of your oral health. Next, they’ll take impressions of your teeth. These molds will be sent to the dental lab to make your dentures.

Once they’re ready, you’ll return to receive your dentures. Your dentist will be sure to check that they fit inside your mouth properly. If any adjustments are needed, they’ll address those before you leave.

Are you looking for more information about receiving denture treatment near you? Give our local Bonnyville dental clinic a call at (780)-826-5582 or request an appointment online via our website today! We’d be happy to help you get started on your journey.